Doors, frames & doorsets

Shadbolt manufacture a range of high-quality and high-performance doors and doorsets. They are ideal for internal use in residential, commercial, healthcare, education and hotel buildings.

  • High quality appearance.
  • Exceptional size range including storey height doors.
  • Good durability, security and mechanical performance.
  • Door performance assured by extensive independent testing and authoritative assessments.
  • Complete schemes: matching or complementing frames, skirtings, architraves, trims and wall panels.

fire doors & doorsets

Our range of Shadbolt fire doors and doorsets are independently third party tested, assessed and certified by UKAS-accredited bodies to attest to performance of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes of fire resistance.

Shadbolt fire doors and doorsets

Acoustic doors & doorsets

Our standard doors fitted with acoustic perimeter seals provide good sound insulation suitable for most applications. High-performance acoustic doors offer a higher level of sound insulation (up to 44dB) where required, eg in top-level offices, auditoriums and plant rooms. Acoustic doors can also provide 30 or 60 minutes fire resistance.

Shadbolt acoustic doors & doorsets

Security doors

Shadbolt can supply fully tested internal security doors which are suitable for use (for example) as entrance doors to apartments within a residential building (not for external use).

ShadSecure PAS24 doors have been successfully tested to PAS 24 can be used to meet the security requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document Q Security – Dwellings: Requirement Q1: Unauthorised access.

Shadbolt security doors

Accessible doors

Shadbolt can supply doorsets which help to meet the requirements of legislation and building regulations for accessibility. In addition they can provide fire and smoke protection and acoustic performance where needed.

Shadbolt accessible doors

Panelled doors

Combining a traditional panelled appearance with modern construction and materials to meet with current performance standards, the Shadbolt range provides both period and contemporary styles ideal for both restoration of historic buildings and high end residential interiors.

Shadbolt panelled doors and doorsets

Site Work

Correct installation of a doorset is fundamental to its performance, and it is strongly recommended that doorsets are installed by a third party accredited installer, preferably a Shadbolt approved installer.

Site work information

Timeless solid panelled doors

A new range of solid hardwood panelled internal doors: Timeless in design and craftsmanship, but manufactured to twenty-first century technical standards and performance. The benchmark of quality, Timeless doors will complement homes of distinction, as well as hotels and similar properties.

Timeless solid hardwood panelled doors